November 21, 2021

Segno Presente Vol. 2

New Music for Ancient Organ performed by Simone Vebber

In Italian organist Simone Vebber's album Segno Presente Vol. 2, new compositions breathe fresh live into the pipes of ancient organs. The opening tracks are arrangements of On Solid Ground, my suite of original ground basses and improvisations. The music fuses practices of Renaissance music with Jazz and Pop and is as much fun to play as it is to hear. In the third track of the album Simone goes to town and performs his own improvisation on my theme.

1. On Solid Ground, for Organ: I. A Link to the past 02:48

2. On Solid Ground, for Organ: II. Daydream 02:38

3. Improvisation on a bass by R. Fusco, for Organ 05:02

4. Vortex speculorum (Freely inspired to the Sonata quarta S.736a by Benedetto Marcello) 10:49

5. Invenzione No. 1 in aeolian-doric mode, for Organ 02:55

6. Invenzione No. 3 in ionic mode, for Organ 02:38

7. Commentaria in vitam S. Claræ Virginis, for Organ: I. Moderato 04:01

8. Commentaria in vitam S. Claræ Virginis, for Organ: II. Adagio 04:59

9. Commentaria in vitam S. Claræ Virginis, for Organ: III. Moderato e con discrezione 02:57

10. Commentaria in vitam S. Claræ Virginis, for Organ: IV. Point d’orgue. Adagio 05:34

11. Messa per organo antico: I. Ingresso 01:02

12. Messa per organo antico: II. Offertorio 01:36

13. Messa per organo antico: III. Comunione 02:59

14. Messa per organo antico: IV. Finale 01:15

15. L'orologio nero di Cézanne, for Organ 03:21

16. Sonatina, for Organ: I. Toccata per l’ottava corta 02:18

17. Sonatina, for Organ: II. Refrain (Variazioni su un tema di Federico Uvietta) 04:37

18. Sonatina, for Organ: III. Scherzo

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