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7 minutes


2222 - 4231 - Timp, 2 Percussion - Harp - Strings

premiered by

New York Repertory Orchestra - David Leibowitz, conductor

commissioned by

New York Repertory Orchestra


Anyone who has ever playedwith a kaleidoscope knows the thrill of gazing through the lenses and marveling at the beautifulshapes and colors as they morph from one into another. As a child I loved my kaleidoscope and,even though I didn’t know anything about geometry, fugues or etymology at the time (as how, forexample, in Greek kalos means beautiful and eidos means form), I knew that inside my kaleidoscopethere was never a dull moment. Years later, in Summer 2015, I was traveling through Europe and Iwondered how one might translate the visual effect of a kaleidoscope into sound. The present workis my answer.”

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