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6 minutes


Voice and Piano

premiered by

Tara Venditti

commissioned by



This experimental work for voice and prepared piano explores extended techniques and melodrama rich with wild phonetical timbres. The text is a version of Lewis Carroll's famous nonsense poem, Jabberwocky remixed and "dadafied" by artificial intelligence software. The jumbled up words enact the tale of an imaginary battle with this fictitious beast and grapples with the question "what sense does it make, to make nonsense?" NONSENSE! was funded with a generous  research grant from the Kunstuniversität Graz. It was premiered by Tara Venditti and Raphael Fusco at the SONify! Festival in Graz, Austria.

TEXT by Lewis Carroll (Dadafied version by Artificial Intelligence)

'twas one rested mimsy flame callooh! in day! 

he that beware borogoves and wood two! callay" he. 

Thou that sought -; 

Galumphing  his. 

Slithy the. 

Gimble brillig he stood. 

Jujub did. 

Took and all dead mome so through. 

Fruminous by whiffling.  

Left shun back bird were blade snicker-snack! vorpal. 

The that;  

Came raths; (Not wraths, raths!)

With slain foe and it the maxnome head and the the tones it and and catch!. 

In the in uffish tulgey its my; 

Son! through claws and. Jabberwacky

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